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June 2007 - San Franciso, California

August 2006 - San Mateo, California

Windows Media - 19 megs
April 2006 - Austin, Texas

Windows Media - 19 megs

Our wedding was better than what we could have ever expected. Our brother in law actually gave the best gift which was the services of Ollie's Videography. To this day, we both get emotional viewing our video. It's wonderful. Never would we have imagined such a beautiful collaboration of our song with our very special day. Ollie is a great individual with such an artistic vision that is clearly incorporated in his work. It was a delight having his company and his services. Thank you Ollie for your professionalism and your friendship. Your always welcome in our home. Best wishes to you and your ventures!


--Franco & Riccilyn Lopez
A Gift from Darlene & Jon
December 2005 - San Francisco, California
Remix Video

Windows Media - 6.9 megs
Quicktime - 7.1 megs

September 2005 - San Francisco, California

Windows Media - 9.4 megs
Quicktime - 9.5 megs

Windows Media - 1.1 megs
Quicktime - 1.8 megs

"Ollie...Choosing you as our videographer was one of the best decisions we made. So much time goes into planning and preparing for one's wedding. When the day finally arrives, it goes by with a blink of an eye. Luckily we had you there to capture not only the things we saw and experienced, but also the many, many elements of our wonderful day that we might have missed if you hadn't been there. We appreciate your talent, skills and professionalism. It was a joy having you as our videographer. Thanks again for everything."

--Love, Bonnie and Clyde (aka Darlene & Jon)
September 2003 - San Francisco, California

Windows Media - 6.7 megs
Quicktime - 7.9 megs

"Ollie, Thomas and I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful wedding video. Our video brings everyone to tears and all they can say is" That was so beautiful". Your creativity and personal touch shows in your work. Very Unique. Also, dealing with pressures of planning a wedding, you were always pleasure to work with. You listened to our thoughts and shared your proffesional knowledge. All and all, you perfectly captured our wedding and know we have something beautiful to always enjoy."

--Sandra & Thomas
March 2003 - Mountain View, California

Windows Media - 7.3 megs
Quicktime - 9 megs

"Ruzzel and I have told you many times over how www.weddingfu.com had made more memories of our special day. Everytime we see how you captured & preserved those special moments for us, it still brings leaps in our hearts and joyful tears to eyes, like it was just yesterday. Thank you for making our day timeless."

--Jeffrey, Ruzzel & Baby Joliannah Marie O. Alapar
July 2001 - Sunol, California

Windows Media - 7.5 megs
Quicktime - 8.9 megs

September 2000 - Burlingame, California
Remix Video

Windows Media - 2 megs
Quicktime - 2.8 megs